About Raintree Contracting

About Raintree Contracting

Raintree Contracting is a small company made up of experienced contractors.

We’re your outdoor renovation specialists.

In today’s tough economic times, Calgary has become home to dozens of pop-up “contractors” working out of their vans. We’re not a fly-by-night: we’ve been in the industry since 2008, with Raintree formally founded in 2011. Calgarians have trusted us for projects all over the city, from garage builds, backyard renovations, and concrete/finishing work to artificial lawns and complete outdoor renovations.

Our Competitive Advantages

Owner Operated

  • Our Skin’s in the Game

    Raintree Contracting is a small business that’s run by Kyle Clandfield, contractor and owner-operator.

  • 10+ Year Industry Vet

    With over a decade of contracting experience, you can trust the quality our contractors bring to your project.

Experience Counts

  • We Work Fast

    Without having a large corporate bureaucracy to deal with, and by using a combination of in-house and skilled subtrade labour, we can get to work quickly.

  • Quality First

    We check progress at numerous milestones throughout the project. This is how we are able to consistently deliver quality work.

Affordable Expertise

  • Experience You Can Trust

    Our crew are experienced professionals. Collectively, we’ve spent thousands of hours framing, mudding, pouring, and building.

  • Competitive Quotes

    We provide a fair and honest written quote. We do not nickel and dime, and we do not fluff around.

Meet Our Owner, Kyle Clandfield

Kyle Clandfield & Crew

I first got into concrete work in 2005, becoming a self-employed contractor in 2008. I started Raintree Contracting in 2011 after realizing that I could offer Calgarians are better product at a better rate. At the time, Calgary was going through yet another housing boom and construction was rampant. I worked with skilled contractors that taught me a lot about workmanship and attention to detail.

Being a self-employed contractor taught me a few things about business, and from my peers and mentors I learned a lot about management and quality control. In 2011 I took a “leap of faith” and formed Raintree Contracting.

We’re a small but focused company.

In the beginning, we built our reputation pouring concrete parking pads and garage pads. Eventually, customers started asking us for other services (including the entire garage!). Over the past six years, we have added synthetic lawns, landscaping, and garage building to our list of services.

Where many companies just want to grow, grow, grow, we focused instead on creating sustainable workflow that enabled us to be process-driven.

This focus on process-driven workflow, with numerous checks and balances throughout to ensure our standards are being met, is what allows us to complete exterior renovations in less time, and with fewer mistakes, than nearly any other company in Calgary today.

You have choice when it comes to the contractor that you work with, and my hope is that our conviction to quality and dedication to customer service impresses you enough to choose to work with us.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my company. I can’t wait to work with you.

Kyle Clandfield

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