Garage Packages

Garage Packages

Superior Complete Garage

Raintree Contracting’s standard garage package is not-so standard after all!

We perform superior concrete work and utilize the best building materials and framing/installation practices. That’s why we call it the Superior Complete Garage!

This garage package includes everything needed for the typical Calgary home.

Approximate cost: $22,000+GST

Garage Package Specifications


  • Professional design plans and all required permits.
  • Engineered foundation for garages over 55sq/m or 592sq/ft
  • City inspected and approved

Concrete & Foundation

Site excavation maintaining proper drainage to alley.


  • 4” Duramix 32 MPA concrete slab with 10mm rebar 24” oc minimum
  • 2’ Broomed concrete apron
  • Saw cut contraction joints and concrete cure and seal applied for maximum concrete protection.


See images for example specifications. Actual specifications dependent on engineer design.

Thickened perimeter edge design

Footing and 1ft wall design


  • Pressure treated bottom plates on all walls.
  • 5 1/2” x 1/2” wedge anchors secure walls into concrete.
  • 2×4 framing #2 spruce or better 16” on centers
  • 7/16” OSB exterior sheathing roof.
  • 3/8” OSB exterior sheathing walls
    Overhead door wall framing in 2×6.
  • Overhead door header LVL engineered beams.
  • Engineered trusses to ensure maximum support and stability.
  • Hurricane ties from walls to truss.
  • 1 Dual pane PVC slider or fixed window 48×36
  • 36×80 insulated entry door, factory PVC cladded with finished white paint, adjustable strike plates. Comes with matched lockset and deadbolt when possible.
  • 16×8 T-12 insulated overhead door rated R-10.6 (double garage)
  • 9×8 T-12 insulated overhead door rated R-10.6 (single car)
  • Chain Drive overhead door opener with remote and keypad
  • Tyvek wrapped around entire wall surface, taped joints
  • Chain Drive overhead door opener with remote and keypad
  • Tyvek wrapped around entire wall surface, taped joints.
  • Color matched siding, soffit, fascia, and continuous eaves trough when available.
  • Roofing felt on entire roof surface with vents.
  • 30 year or better color and style matched roofing when available.
  • Standard Electrical to include trench, wall duplex plug on each interior wall, ceiling duplex plug for opener, 4 interior 60watt lights, exterior light fixtures (2 alley, 1 yard), GFCI WP outdoor receptacle.
  • Backfill topsoil to original grade. 1 year top up if required.
  • All construction garbage removed and/or recycled.


Possible foundation upgrades:

  • 12” edge thickening around perimeter Or similar thickened edge engineer approved design. Approximate upgrade cost: $900
  • 5” sill wall for framing. Approximate upgrade cost: $900
  • 18” 2×4 footing with 1,2,3, or 4 foot tall x 6” wide stem wall foundation. Approximate additional cost: $3,500

Other Upgrades:

  • 2×6 Walls – while 2×4 is sufficient for garage construction, 2×6 framing provides extra strength and allows for higher R-value insulation to be installed in the wall cavity. Approx cost: $550
  • 60A electrical subpanel $1,250
  • Flourescent shop lighting with wire cage $90 ea
  • 20A shop plugs
  • 220V outlet for welder/shop equip. $265
  • Insulation, vapour barrier, drywall, drywall mud and tape. Approx. cost: $4,100
  • Optional Gas line trenched and rough-in to garage. City inspected. $800-$1,200
  • Optional gas heater. $2,595
  • 10’ tall wall upgrade $845
  • 9’ tall garage door $1,000
  • Storage Truss Upgrade $3,250: includes attic floor sheathing, drop down stairs.
  • Scissor Truss (vault ceiling) upgrade $1,250: provides extra headroom for vehicle lifts etc.
  • Belt drive garage door opener: $100 upgrade
  • Screw drive garage door opener: $175 upgrade
  • Windows on garage overhead door: $550 upgrade

Warranty Information

Our garages are backed by a warranty you can trust.


5 years


1 year with us, balance of manufacturer warranty transferred to you

Backfill Top Up

1 year

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